Process of Women for Women Forum

STEP 1:   Women for Women Forum seeks out communities in the greater Kathmandu Valley and other parts of Nepal. They assess the status of women, the education level of the people in the community as well as the socio-economic status of the community. If the community fits their criteria, they proceed.

STEP 2:   WFWF then speaks with the women and their spouses in the community about establishing a Women's Group and talk about their training programs and the possible benefits of participating in such programs. If the people in the community decide they would like to work with WFWF, then they begin organizing a Women's Group.

STEP 3:   WFWF then assess the resources of the community, and chooses the appropriate training programs to proceed with. Once they have decided on the crops and animals that are suitable to the area, they give the women money to go purchase the animals and seeds. Finally they establish an insurance fund, should anything happen to the women's crops or herd.

STEP 4:   Once the Women's Group is established, they attend two meetings a month with a staff member from WFWF to discuss finances and also the current progress of the group and address concerns or issues.

STEP 5:   Every six months two women from each group are sent to Kathmandu for a network meeting. In these meetings, they speak about their group, what they have accomplished, what difficulties they have had, and what they plan to do in the next six months. The three groups who have preformed the best are rewarded with some extra money to help their group over the next six month period.