Childrens Group in the Thankot VDC, and their teacher.
Childrens Group in the Thankot VDC, and their teacher.

Past Projects:
Success stories of Women for Women Forum

  • 13 Village Development Committees (VDCs) covered under multiple programs
  • 40 Women's Groups with 18-25 members per group
  • 10 Children's Clubs established
  • Women making an average income of over Nepali Rupees 5000 per month
  • Every women now generating income by participating in organic farming methods
  • Empowerment of women through their unification in each community
Parbati with her goats
Parbati with her goats

Individual Success Stories


When Women for Women Forum first came to Parbati's community, she was very interested in joining, however she did so against the wishes of her family. She went to join the Mahalaxmi Women's Group where she became involved in the Livestock Training Program as well as the Self-help Group Management and Gender and Justice Training Programs. Eventually her family began participating in these programs with her. She was gifted two goats at the end of her training, from which she was able to generate Nepali Rupees 12,000 that year. With that income she was able to purchase more goats after gifting her first two goats to a sister group. Her herd is now 8 goats strong! In her free time she makes necklaces which she also sells for extra income.

WFWF was able to give her daughter a scholarship for one year to continue her secondary school education. Around the same time, Parbati took part in another program after which she was gifted 5 hens. From the hens she can now sell the eggs. After all of the programs, she now makes approximately Nepali Rupees 5,000 per month, and can support her family!


Soma with her pig
Soma with her pig.


Soma lives in the Thankat VDC in the Chunikhel community with her husband and two daughters. As a small girl, she worked for her neighbors doing house work while going to school, however education was cut short, ending at 6th class and she began work with her mother in a stone mill. Soma soon moved on to a pig farm and finally at the age of 14 was working in a carpet factory, where she would meet and marry her husband. Soon after her marriage Soma joined the Chundebi Women's Group where she took part in a Sewing Training Program that was put on by WFWF. She started by making clothing for her family and neighbors, and they were impressed by her work and so she furthered her skills in the Tailoring Training Program that was later hosted by WFWF.

By the time she was 38, Soma owned her own shop and had employed four young women and was training over 60 women in sewing and tailoring. She became the treasurer of the Chundebi Women's Group. Soma also started giving small loans to women in her community to help them start their own businesses. After some time, Soma took part in another training program where she was gifted 2 pigs, which she eventually gifted to a sister group. When her brother died, Soma took in his family and helped them to get back on their feet. This prompted her to become heavily involved in medicine, and she soon became a health facilitator. Today Soma is on a 2 year visa in Jordan working as a house maid and sewing.